Day Trips

Albuquerque is situated the central part of the state, making it the perfect location to venture out from in search of fun day trips beyond the city. Below are our favorite day trips within a 100 mile radius of Albuquerque.


West of Albuquerque


Acoma Sky City
1 h 8 min (64.5 mi) via I-40 W
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On top of a 400 ft mesa you'll find the Pueblo of Acoma. A small town with a rich history, Acoma is home to about 4,800 tribal members with over 250 dwellings situated on the 370-foot high mesa. In addition to the dwellings, Acoma has plenty of cultural attractions including the Haakú Museum, where visitors can learn about the art, history and life of the people in Acoma.

Petroglyphs National Monument
15 min (7.5 mi) via I-40 W
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Protecting signs and symbols that were etched into volcanic rock 400 - 700 years ago, this National Monument is a nearby attraction that was important for the Indigenous people of the area and to Spanish settlers. It is great fun for the whole family to explore and try to decipher the 400+ petroglyphs while relaxing in the desert. If visiting during the hotter months, be sure to pack some sunscreen and a water bottle as there is little shade and temperatures can soar into the triple digits.

East of Albuquerque

Sandia Peak Aerial Tramway
24 min (16.3 mi) via I-25 N and Tramway Rd NE
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Soar above deep canyons and take in a different perspective of Albuquerque from new heights! The 2.7 mile long tramway is breathtaking at sunset when the desert sky puts on a natural show of colors. The Sandia Peak Tramway has given rides to more than 11 million people and recently celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016. This thrilling activity is close to Albuquerque making it an attraction that both locals and tourists love.

Madrid, NM
56 min (46.4 mi) via I-40 E and NM-14 N
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Want to experience a historic coal mining town turned ghost town? Madrid can offer this unique adventure. Now a blossoming creative community nestled in the mountains, Madrid has a small town feel to it that is exclusive to New Mexico. Shop for the unique Cerrillos turquoise, relax and learn in Madrid.


North of Albuquerque


Jemez Springs
1 h 11 min (59.4 mi) via I-25 N, US-550 N and NM-4 E
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Fish, hike, photograph, and soak in natural hot springs all in Jemez Springs. The mountainous terrain makes it a perfect getaway from the desert. The original home to the Watawa tribe, Jemez Springs gained attraction in the 1800s due to a geyser erupting and provided the land with natural hot springs. Rejuvenate for the day in this small oasis.

Tent Rocks National Monument
1 h 3 min (54.6 mi) via I-25 N and NM-22 N
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The gorgeous rock formation and “slot” canyon of Tent Rocks National Monument make it a must see attraction. While there are several trails visitors can take into the canyon, one of the highlights is a 1.5 mi, out and back trek that ventures into a narrow canyon and emerges after a steep (630-ft) climb to the mesa. Be sure to pack your camera and prepare to be taken aback by the impressive views.

Nambe Pueblo
1 h 38 min (91.3 mi) via I-25 N
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Nambe Pueblo, originally “Nanbe” meaning Earth, is home to Nambe Falls, one of the most impressive waterfalls in the southwest. In the 1970s, the Pueblo opened the Falls to tourists for hiking, camping and fishing. This exquisite attraction is a short 15 min hike to get to with picture perfect spots to rest.

Tesuque Pueblo
1 h 6 min (69.4 mi) via I-25 N
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Tesuque Pueblo is spread across more than 17,000 acres in the Sangre de Cristo Mountain foothills and is a vibrant traditional farming community turned arts hub. Enter the Pueblo near Camel Rock to start off an exciting day. Originally named Tesugeh Oweengeh translating to “village of the narrow place of the cottonwood trees” makes for a fun day trip where traditional pueblo vendors sell their craft to the public.